New and old year compilation


December 29, 2014 by barbarakonery

Christmas and coming new year make us always a bit contemplative.
Same is happening to me right now.
I’m actually a bit afraid. Last year was kind of difficult for me. I’m a home-staying(not by choice), married-single mother living in foreign country. Dividing my time between my 3 children, chores, improving my English (as it’s not my mother language), improving Danish (as I’m living in Denmark), looking for a job (not so easy, as my physical state is not good enough for physical job), improving my typing skills, reading and now writing a blog. As I put my own whims and needs on a very last place I’m doing learning and improving myself stuff until after my children go to sleep and until I’m sure all my chores are done, I’m leaving with 3-4 hours of sleep and signs of keyboard on my face as I fall asleep on it.
But in the end I always feel not completely fulfilled. There’s always a feeling of something missing.
So I’m making plans for new year 2015. Which actually includes all I do right now and trying to find something special. A goal to reach. Being a better mom, being a better writer etc. Being more supportive financially if my karma, which by the way has a freaky sense of humour, will let me do what I wish to do.
I’m not whining, don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for what I have. I’m just thinking, a lot, and sharing my thoughts with you.

Wish to comment? Please do 🙂

See you soon



2 thoughts on “New and old year compilation

  1. Glad you liked my post about writing. Some day or never I will find others who like to read what I like to read–maybe if I move to another country.

    • I know how you feel.
      I live in foreign country, 2,5 year now, I’ve met many people, almost non is actually reading.
      It’s not so easy anymore. Now it’s easier to find similar soul on Internet than in the real life.

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