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December 29, 2014 by barbarakonery

Let’s give a try to an writing challenge. Are you with me?

I’ll give you a random name and 6 random words and you will write a short story, a scene etc with it. 350 words or less.

Want to give it a try?

Name: Kobe Cline

6 words:








And here is what I came up with. Unfortunately my english is quite “poor” but I’m still learning 😉

It was a rainy day. Kobe was counting rain drops on bus’s window. He had still 20 minuts driving, than around 10 minutes walking from bus stop to home. “Home, what a funny word”, thought Kobe, “sometimes it makes you feel good, sometimes you’re longing to be able to use it”.

It was already late. Factory, he could see now from the bus, was closed. For sure Kobe’s family was ready to sleep. He took a look on the bag from toy store, ther was a green elephant for his son. “I’m a bad father”, thought Kobe. He actually bought it because he feels guilty that he’s is working a lot, too much someone would say. In last month he saw his son awake maybe five times. “I remember guilty presents I’ve got from my father. Did I really turned in to him?”

Bus stopped. Still 10 minutes walking home.

-Dad, I was waiting for you.

Kobe felt like tears flow into his eyes. He was looking at his son, whom was barely standing, almost sleeping with open eyes. He’s son’s eyes opened even wilder when he saw green elephant.

-Can i sleep with him, dad?

-Of course you can. Don’t you want to give him a name first?

-Can it be Kobe Cline, like you?

Kobe smiled to himself. His son hugged elephant and gave him a small Lego guy. It was a fireman with tiny, red helmet.


He heard from behind.

-Can we go on ice-creams soon?

-As soon as you’ll know what flavors you want to get.

-Oh, and dad? I’ve made you a sandwich.

Kobe’s son laughed like a little mouse and turned toward his bedroom. Kobe went to a kitchen and he wept as he saw his sandwich. It was rather looking like Picasso’s painting made from food than an actual food. It was perfect.

Any comments and/or suggestions, and/or your own stories will be appreciated.

See you soon



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