Being like a mirror

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December 30, 2014 by barbarakonery

Another writing challenge.

This idea is similar to one I found on another blog. Scrivere creativo . If you know italian give it a look.

Lets make a story from different point of view. Try to put yourself in a “body” of something else. This time you’re a mirror in the dressing room. Write until 350 words.

It’s again working day. I like working days. I can see so many happy people. Well, mostly happy people. They are coming inside the dressing room with colourful clothes, trying them on, turning, looking closely. Sometimes they look so close that it giggles me, but they never can hear me laughing.

One time there was this girl. Almost a woman. She had few dresses with her, in one of them she was dancing. Then she smiled. She said:”You look beautiful. This one time, you look beautiful”. She was beautiful.

Other time there was a different girl. But she wasn’t so happy. She tried few clothes, there was even a shadow of a smile for few seconds, but only once. Then she sat down, really close to me, she put her hand on my surface and she cried, “I cannot afford this”. I had mark of  her hand on me for rest of the day. Lady that works here cleaned me after closing, I wonder if she ever thought about the story behind a sign of a hand. I did. Many times after this. I think a lot about many faces, so different faces looking straight at me, with so many stories.

I wish sometimes, I could talk with them, maybe, say something like:”don’t worry” or “you’re looking wonderful”.

But maybe that’s better I can’t. Now they trust me and share with me. Their trust is much more I could ever ask for.

Share your “mirror” stories in comments and comment 😉

See you soon



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