Learning English


December 30, 2014 by barbarakonery

I’ve ones mentioned that English is not my mother tongue.
I’m reading fluently in it, I can speak in it, but my writing is simply lame!
I’m studying very often, but still it’s not enough. So from now on I’ll learn every day 3-5 new words. I’ll work with online dictionary , and I singed up for an online English course. I have few books on English grammar so maybe with all of this and some luck I’ll manage to write in English as I wish.
I want it to be more pleasant, for you, to read my posts.
Wish me luck 😉


See you soon



8 thoughts on “Learning English

  1. Veronica says:

    That’s the right attitude. Practice, practice, practice. You will get better and faster as a writer. Keep up the good work! 😄 Great to connect with you.

  2. I know this might seem crazy, but if you ever need a break from all of that studying, read some of the fine works of Mr. William Shakespeare. He invented many of the words we use today, like eyeball, and had an intriguing was of putting this pieces all together. His sonnets are fun to study and discover what all of the words meant back then, and what they mean now. Good luck!

    • It doesn’t seem crazy at all! I love hes works. I did read Macbeth in english. It wasn’t easy but I was armed in dictonary 😉 I did also read a lot of other classics, always in english. I know a lot of words, but only in my head. They, somehow, do not want to fit in my writing, which is taking out soul from it… I’ve lost a lot of confidense…
      But. I’ll take your advice and read more of Shakespeare sonnets.
      And thank you 🙂 It means a world to me to have someones support 🙂

  3. I cannot image trying to be a writer in a language that is not my mother tongue. You are brave! I have been reading the posts in your blog and I am amazed to learn that you were not born speaking English! You do very well. I would like to suggest that you not get uptight about writing in English and let your words flow as they may, maybe even weaving words from your mother tongue in with the English words and explain them in English. It will add interest and spice to your stories.

    • Thank you very much.
      I am so into writing in English because, well it’s hard to explain, I’m in love with it. I like writing in my mother tongue but all I’ve read and saw in English have had a special meaning. In my head words in English sounds better, mean more. I really don’t know how to put it in words. Most people think it’s not patriotic etc to say that, but this is how it is.
      It’s like reading Shakespeare in whatever language and then reading it in original. Most of born in English speaking county do nor realise how much their homeland authors books, change after translation. They are still beautiful, no doubt, but they are not the same.
      I don’t know why, it’s just somewhere in me, the wish to write with that magic, that have had and still do, like English speaking authors do.

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