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December 31, 2014 by barbarakonery

I was on the phone yesterday with my cousin. We do not talk much, but still.
Anyways, in the middle of our conversation she said:”just stop being so childish!”. She said that while I was cheerfully telling her about my Christmas.
So here it is.
I am childish, I am silly even though I’m a grownup women in around middle age. But this is who I am. If you didn’t think that before you’ll probably think that in the future.
Why I’m telling you this?
Because, somehow, I feel I have to.
I have my own baggage and skeletons in the closet. I have my share of trauma and totally unhappy moments. But who I am right now, how I am, it’s because of a lot of hard work with myself, a lot of fights with myself. And I would like you to know this much.
But most of all, I’m quite ok with how I am, even though judgments sometimes are really hurtful.

Hope to find you all in a good mood today because soon we’ll be drinking champagne (I’ll have the one for children 0% of alcohol) and we’ll start new year, with new hope and strength 🙂

See you soon



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