Because there is a reason

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January 1, 2015 by barbarakonery

It’s so true that nothing is happening without a reason.
Me and my children wanted to have some fireworks for the New Year. We went outside, but the smallest one get scared so we had to come back home. There where my neighbours outside so we asked if they want to fire fireworks with us.
I’ve spoked with my neighbours literally 2 times since I live here (5 months) and today we have had fun together, talked, laughed. It was sooooo sweet 🙂 My bigger children could fire they fireworks, my little boy was safe and less afraid at home, with me and my daughter changing shifts with him, so we could all be present. Even my neighbours where happy that we ended up with them 😛
In the end we had a very nice time all together. And for me, personally, it was the best beginning of a New Year I could have 🙂 My children where happy, smiling, can there be anything better?


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