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January 3, 2015 by barbarakonery

I decided to participate in Three Words A Day writing challenge.

While writing I was sitting with my little son. Somehow he has permitted me to write 😉

So here it goes.

The car stopped again. Same spot, same man. I’m wondering why… One day I’ll ask him.

Work on the bridge isn’t so much fun, especially now. Cold and rain can make my day really annoying. But it’s temporary. Soon I’ll find another job.

He’s still there. I have seen a lot, but this guy is different, almost compelling. I think that it’s the mystery of him coming here is the most interesting thing in my work. Of course there are beautiful things to, like fireworks or whatsoever. But he…

-Excuse me

I never realised how handsome he is. He looked at me with those melancholic, brown like earth, eyes. His voice was indescribable.

-Don’t worry, this isn’t a day my life will end.

I never would expected to hear that.

-I know.

Did I? As a mather of fact I never thought he may be here for that, but eventually…

He smiled. I was speechless. He turnet to his previous mysterious position and made a sign with hand to join him.

-I’m simply enjoying the night.

“Enjoying the night”? Not stars? Not the biggest river I ever saw in my life? Night?

We stood there in silence while I was trying to figure out why, why night. And then my thoughts went silent to. And I knew.

-It’s a remarkable night.


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