Writing challenge d*2

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January 3, 2015 by barbarakonery

Another writing challenge from Three Words A Day.

I had to go back again. Well, they say “who doesn’t have in head-have in legs” I’ll regret that walk. I hate that I’m always forgetting everything.
If they only knew how much I don’t want to have ANY company today… But they’re trying, in so many ways, help me to forget. If it only could be possible. It’s practically the ONLY thing I’m remembering all the time.
Of course I am grateful.
Fine. I’ll put my “nice face” on. The one thing I owe them, for all they do for me, is that I at least try, right?
I need to give myself a chance. Eventually I will never forget what happened to me, but I can attempt to learn to live with that.
And I’m not alone! They’re waiting for me.
I’ll be just fine.


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