Writing challenge d*3

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January 3, 2015 by barbarakonery

And last for today Three Words A Day .

He was standing in the crowd, looking of a corner where he may hide, he always hated to to go on concerts. But he promised.

They where together over two years, but this was first time she managed  to convince him to come.

She was so beautiful, it would be delightful to have only this one thing to do – to look at her. Wrong. Two things, to look at her and to listen to her voice. No matter if she was talking or singing, her voice was always charming.

Wright now she was shouting to the microphone words of a rock song:

A lack of originality couldn’t focus on the day
So much for the radio everybody sounds the same
Everybody wears the same clothes now and
Everybody plays the game”

During the concert she would make a pause, so he will tell her how much he loves to hear her singing. She would be his, only his, for a short moment, despite dozens of people around them.

– This is my favourite song, after that a little pause.

Guitar started to play, he loved this style.

Every time I see my eyes in the reflection…
I can’t help to be disappointed at who I am…”

He knew that, when she will close her eyes, she will search in her mind for any of remaining memories of her sister.

“So just hold me, wrap me in your arms,
Don’t let me fall again”

This song was about her sister. It was for her like requiem, so she would never forget.
He looked at her, there she was. Singing with her eyes closed, filled with tears. She looked at him and he realised that this was this perfect moment alone. Despite the crowd, loud music, there, in this moment, it was only them.


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