Writer terrified


January 5, 2015 by barbarakonery

I’m happy to announce that my first, completed storys for children are officially send to my editor/best friend.

Sincerely, I’m scared as hell.

She’s a published dr of sociology so her opinion on my writing is extremely significant to me.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

See you soon



4 thoughts on “Writer terrified

  1. garychipp says:

    A doctor of sociology has no better opinion than anyone else! What does her work have to do with the creative arts… and why are you scared as hell when she is your best friend? Get a grip and have faith in what you write, otherwise you will be just driftwood at the mercy of everyone else!

    • You’re right. Her being doctor of sociology has nothing to do with creative arts. And I’m always first to say that. What I meant, but didn’t wright, is that she’s a professor and a hard one, so she’s checking someone’s work with other criteria.
      She is my best friend and that’s why she’s straight with her critics, if they are any.
      Let me say one thing more.
      Being doctor or whomever, has nothing to do with being a intelligent person, reader, writer etc.
      I’ve realised that my post sounds maybe a bit snobby, which I am not.
      If for my writing I’m getting to be more faithful šŸ™‚

      • Barbara says:

        I think being a creative person is simply terrifying. That is how I felt when I used the palette knife on my painting, “Osage Hills Sky” last summer. That is the reason why I blog so much about the creative process and how it affects us creatives emotionally and spiritually. Personally, you should congratulate yourself for finishing and completing such an amazing book! Congratulations!

      • It is terrifying. Now even more.
        I am proud of myself because I’ve completed my little book. But on the other hand I’m feeling not so proud at all. I’m reading and re-reading it all again and again. I think I’m afraid I’m not good enough.
        I’m still waiting for it being edited. The bigger step will be sharing it with bigger audience and be able to take any possible critique.

        Thank you so much for support, Barbara.

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