In tribute to my followers


January 9, 2015 by barbarakonery

I would like to thank all my followers and those who take a time to read my posts.
Today my  blog has 46 followers. People with different interests, people with passion, all extremely interesting public.

They are writers like

James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills
Their new book is coming out soon:”How to kill your senator”.
More stories
you can find here

Loryfell Amejan
A father, writer, blogger, working on his writing and helping others to improve themselves.

Megan Elizabeth Morales
Courageous and strong.

Rich Brunelle
A man with strong opinions and a lot to say/write. His every word is worth reading.

Vincent Ortega
Writing short stories, having pretty awesome ideas.

Gary Chippendale
An artist, writer. Saying what he has to say without beating around the bush. Great, great person.

Ty Viner
A man full of wisdom in search for “intelligence, tact, skill, plot, inspiration, and generally everything else”

Very sweet woman, mother, writer, a “closet night owl”.

Roland Clarke
Immensely talented writer. You can find his books here.

Book girl, from small city in USA.
Writer, reader. She has already found her own style.

Kristi S.Simpson
A fantasy writer. Her posts are simply great.

Hugh Steele
A fiction writer. He has a talent someone should finally see.

Clark Ellis
He has original way to show and say things.

Lovely writing, lovely lady.

Kendall F. Person
“The Neighborhood where writing is a performance art and every post is a show”

Travis Stunt
Graphic novels lover. Really great guy.
Working on a project for comic book series.

Kurt Brindley
A writer, poet, artist, photographer. But I’m sure I’m missing something. He and his work are certainly worth knowing.

Grady P. Brown
Fantastic writer, with fascinating mind. His books will give you something really rare to discover.

Cristian Mihai
Romance fiction author. Want to loose yourself? His book will do that.

A writer, photographer, traveler. Visit her journal and enjoy. You’ll find it relaxing and comfy.

Ronovan Writes
An author, so fascinating person that I don’t know how to start. Just go on his blog to know him.

People who review books

Reader and reviewer. She’s really honest, so her mind may be what would help you to choose the exactly right book for you.

Pimp books
His blog’s name give the idea, right? Well, he’ll for sure help you with getting your book out there, make the world know who you are.

Awarded book reviewer. She will compel you with the book and you will not be able to do less than read it.
Photographer, DIY. Can you want more?


Barbara Horton Burrus
Great artist, strong and brave woman,.

1 Sigrids son
An artist photograph, poet, exceptional person. He has it all, really.

Jessie Martinovic
An artist with an big “A”. Beauty should be her second name, as she creates beauty and she writes beautifully.


Sheila Sea
A girl with a “vivacious voice” (comment by one of her fans).

A lady behind Siesta Notes
A poet with her mind wildly open and eyes seeing something more.

Jessa Din
Poet and “self-proclaimed lost princess wandering aimlessly with purpose”.

Those whom are into music like Jen
A music lover, who on her Accio Weekned will fill you with great music compilations. But there’s much more.

Those whom inspire like Jessica
Life coach, dedicate to motivate and help others.

Leroy Milton and Steven Farquharson
Basically “2 helpful guys”, we need more people like them.

Inspiring healthy life style.

Priceless Joy
Wonderful woman whom after being in hard relation with life now is here to help others, to be for others. She could be your best friend.

Stuart M. Perkins
He’s blog will make you contemplate, a lot!

Those who dedicate their time to help others like Tiffany
She’ll give you head starts with SEO and social media. Also great writing tips.

Those who who want to show you how to be healthy like Jessica
Fitness coach. If you are into healthy life style, she’s the one to look for help and advise.

Staphanie Eusebi
Health guide, recipes, products. Great content!

Rhino fitness online
You want to look like a “young god”, well, they can help you with that.

Great people like Ryan Fu
I don’t know how to put that… There’s everything!

Conny Kaufmann
If you like to read basically all that can be interesting you’ll find it here.

Patric Mitsuing
Helping to get profit from blogging.

And Élan Mudrow
I would be able to write something better about him than himself already did:”Language has a way of skirting around in the margins. These margins collide with concepts, where the inner worm bashes against the outer skin of self, brushing against the ridges of intertextuality. Sometimes I feel like I’m constructing a system of art, other times I feel like I’m coughing up random words. Both cut into me and break out of me.”

Thank you all for being on this journey with me.



3 thoughts on “In tribute to my followers

  1. How sweet! Thank you for listing me. I was reading your post and had no idea my name was on it. I was reading each name and your comment about them then suddenly there was my name! I was shocked! LOL Thank you!! 🙂 ((Hugs!!)) xo

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