Burning question


January 13, 2015 by barbarakonery

Are you really asking? Fine. Let me tell you how it is.
It’s like being dead inside and dying all over again every single morning you have to open your eyes. In sleepless agony feeling how everything around you is crushing you. The only wish to fall asleep is almost impossible to fulfil, while you don’t even want to sleep, knowing you’ll have to wake up next day.
Going through every day without feeling of the reality, being suspended somewhere in between, somewhere you cannot pin point in any possible way. Falling apart. Trying to find out how to survive when being surrounded by people.
And now I’m a scratch of a person, despite all those labels given to me by society.
I’m dead. Looking outside my body, blind to any emotion, oblivion to my blood.
Urge to evade from my own mind, devastating hopelessness because of being attached to combination of neurons that creates my body.
This is how it is… Empty…


One thought on “Burning question

  1. garychipp says:

    You are not a ‘scratch’ of a person or ‘dead’… keep writing, you are healing.

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