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January 15, 2015 by barbarakonery

-It feels like world is falling a part, doesn’t it?
-Why would you say so?
-Don’t you feel it? It’s like rain drops became heavier, causing an actual pain while falling on your skin.
-You know what? I think you’re the only one person I know that see more in that than a creepy wheatear.
-I don’t doubt that. Let’s dance.
-What?! Dance?!
-Yes! See!

She started to turn around like a small girl on her first ball, laughing all the time. I haven’t seen her so happy before. Like world did really fall a part and there was only her under heavy raindrops.
I wish it could be always like that. Her dancing, smiling. I loved the way she saw everything around her. With her every moment was special, different. Indescribable.
It was like words she spoked, things she did, all her being was just a dreamy, unreal creature. There was a beauty in her, something I never could explain. Like an aura or something, the one that captures you like a spiderweb, with one difference, you would never want to get out. Being with her, if only for a short while, would change something in you for ever.

-I want you to kiss me.
-Yes… What?
-Are you afraid?

I was. I was freaking out. I would never dare to even think about it. Well, I did thought about it, many times. Every time she spoked, and she was a talker. So you can only imagine what was going on in my head.

-I can’t…

I couldn’t believe my own words. They came out so harsh, dry, like stripped of emotions. Why? Maybe I wanted it to much, maybe I wanted it to be perfect. Maybe… I don’t know.
She looked at me and smiled. Like she knew what was happening to me. She touched me, my cheek…

-I shall go now.

Sometimes she sounded like those ladies from old movies. But I loved it. She was so charmingly sincere in being herself.
I don’t know where she went, I don’t know why. The only thing I know is that she’s gone. World did fall apart…


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